Reborn of Arena - presentation


Reborn of Arena is not a new server but an event designed for new players. The latest evolutions of the items will be available for free at the NPC in the city center (for a limited time), and a war between kingdoms or between two big guilds will be held over the weekend. The paid items will be removed from the itemshop, they will become the mid-range of the craftable items with fragments obtained from the bosses. Note that the latest evolution has equal bonuses with Personalized Items.

On 07.07 at 21:00 (Sunday) we're wait for you to join the biggest war between 2 guilds ever organized on a pvp server! The maximum points will be limited at 1000 and the number of members (for one guild) at 500.

Farm map

The farm map was changed. Instead of bounty map (where you had to collect clam), we decided to add a map with metins that drops 1x Arena Coin.

Each stone has 100k hp and can be destroyed in 5-10 seconds and the coins can be used to purchase various items from the PvM Shop. All players have received a military horse and can enter the new map from Teleporter (which has been moved to the inventory)

Pvm points shop

The PvM Shop was rebuilt. All items are 2-3 times cheaper and now you can also find new items like: Energy Crystal, Average+ 60% and Life Fruit (100 points / 1 hour).

Evolution System: Haristyles/Costumes/Effects

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When creating the character you get a complete set of effects/costumes/hairstyles/weapon skins. Each item has 2 evolutions.

The first item (the one from the beginning) = 5%
Evolution 1 (former itemshop items) = 10% bonuses
Evolution 2 (equivalent of personalized items) = 15% bonuses

You can upgrade the items with Fragments which you get from the dungeons.

With this change, we hope to bring back to life the "free to play" game where each player (through work) can be the equal of any pay2play player.

Arena2 - Systems Presentations

Below we will show you the systems that made Arena2 a unique pvp server

Multi Language

We are the first pvp server in Romania with multi-language system. Arena2 is translated into 7 languages and we will continue to translate and promote the server.

Dungeon Info System

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We've implemented the info dungeon system to make the dungeon easier to access.

From bosses you can get Fragments necessary for the evolution of Costumes, Hairstykes, Weapon Skins, Effects and Amulets.

Devil's Catacomb= Hairstyle Fragment
Dragon's Temple= Costume Fragment
Nemere= Weapon Skin Fragment
Razador= Effect Fragment
Jotun = Amulet Fragment

Skill Color System

You can customize your skills as you like. Each table is part of the skill, you can combine colors as you want.

Enchant Item System

Do not like to make items with switchbot? On Arena you can directly add the bonuses you need.

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