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  • 2V2 PvP Event

    Hello dear Arena players,

    Tomorrow(Sunday) 20:00 RO time (18:00 UK/PT) we will organise 2v2 PvP Event.
    Rules are simple:
    Costumes/Shinings/Titles/Amulets are not allowed
    Beta weapons/armors are allowed
    Magical Potions/Fishes/Energy Cristals are allowed
    You can't switch the weapon during the fight.
    The team can be composed by any race combinations.
    Prize: 400 MD(200 each) + [2v2] tag for the winning team

  • Giveaway 150e

    Giveaway cu 15 locuri (30 iteme site)
    Giveaway with 15 places (30 is items)